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Financial peace

Money is a wonderful thing. It can give you a sense of freedom. It can ensure that you live in the way you want to; but money can also cause insecurity. The feeling that you don’t have your finances under control. Not knowing exactly what you have and where. Or which statutory changes will influence your own situation. You only achieve Financial Peace if you have the feeling that you have someone around you who supports you with such issues and monitors these.

Always in good hands

Once you have gained insight into your financial situation and have received sound advice for the future, you will hopefully feel better about your finances. We can also advise you on selecting the right products and can manage these for you. You only achieve real peace if you’re sure that your affairs are harmonised and will remain so. That’s why we always keep a finger on the pulse.

Always informed

You can always come to us if something in your environment changes: job changes, a house purchase, a significant purchase or if your children start studying. We will be delighted to discuss this with you. We will take the original plan and look what the changes mean for your overall situation. Is the plan still suitable or do we need to adapt it?

But there can also be factors that influence your situation that you know nothing about. We approach you pro-actively regarding changes in the financial world, such as legislation, pensions or social security payment changes. We keep you informed, explain what this means for you and which steps you could take.

Always current

In addition we produce an annual update of your financial situation based on all changes. We discuss these with you and you receive attention points and tips. We examine whether the products from the past still meet your wishes and explain our services in our Financial Peace service agreement. You know exactly where you stand. No surprises later. Financial awareness gives financial peace.
Clear online insight, personal support with permanent advisors and all financial affairs are harmonised to your own personal requirements and objectives. Implementing and monitoring; that’s what we do.