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Financial insight

Good advice about the future can only be given if the current situation is known. You know your monthly income and outgoings. But what has your employer arranged in terms of pension and other employment conditions? What can you do yourself in this area? What has already been accrued or agreed? And do you have a partner you need to take into account? We need to answer these questions before we can give financial advice. We investigate everything and show you how all these financial issues affect each other; in terms of work, unemployment, living a long and happy life, illness and incapacity for work and death. Independently and objectively.

The past and present made clear

Financial Insight is the basis for taking the right decisions if there are changes in your personal, work or living situation or if there are tax or statutory changes.
Good financial insight starts with gathering information. We closely examine your personal situation. We look at your employment record, your current income and spending pattern. How much pension have you already accrued? How is this divided? And of course: how and what has been arranged so far? Many questions to which we all want answers, and need to answer in order to create your Personal Annual Report (Persoonlijk Jaarverslag ®).

Persoonlijk jaarverslag ®

The Persoonlijk Jaarverslag ® is a report giving a complete financial picture of your current income and expenditure. It provides a basis for taking important decisions. The annual report includes your net disposable income, not only now but also in various future scenarios. How much can you spend if you are unemployed? Or ill? Or unable to work? What happens if you or your partner retires? The Personal Annual Report (Persoonlijk Jaarverslag®) report shows whether you will have enough money at every time of your life to do what you want or what is needed.


The Personal Annual Report (Persoonlijk Jaarverslag®) is customised. It is compiled especially for you with the greatest care. But it is of course not written in stone. The world changes continuously and especially the financial world. The consequences of tax legislation changes are calculated for you immediately. And you can forward any changes using Persoonlijk Jaarverslag® Online (www.persoonlijkjaarverslagonline.nl). This enables you to keep control of your own finances; now and in the future.