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Financial advice

Good financial advice can only be given if we know your position using clear financial insight, but we also want to know who you are. And what you expect from us. Together, we are entering into a relationship so we need to get to know each other. What are your current concerns, what are your future plans, what gives you energy? Your wishes and objectives are the basis for your financial advice.

Clear scenarios

What happens if I start to live with someone or get married? What if I want to stop working, or stop working earlier? What if you have children? Or perhaps they’re leaving home? What if you are suddenly no longer able to work or are no longer employed? Anything can happen. It is important to reflect on these things every now and then.

Financial consequences

By not only thinking about these questions but by immediately linking these to your financial situation, the consequences for your overall situation become clear. We explain what the consequences are of certain choices, what actions you can undertake and which other services are best to use. Finances, and particularly information about pensions, can sometimes be complicated. EBC Nederland’s financial experts understand this, which is why they explain everything on the basis of concrete examples: in plain language. No big jumble of numbers. No small print.

Future plan

We formulate a sound future plan in consultation with you. We only cover the risks that you really want to cover and cancel any superfluous insurance/arrangements. We adjust this continuously to your current situation and other developments. We make clear agreements with each other. You know how to reach us if you want to change something, if you have questions about current matters or if you want to discuss a certain topic.
We conclude each step with the actions required to achieve your wishes and objectives, but you determine who carries out these actions: whether you do this yourself or with our help. We are happy to be of service!