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You believe it’s important to properly arrange the pensions, insurances and other employee benefits for your employees. That is part of being a good employer. But do your people also know exactly what is arranged for them? And what else is possible? And do they actually understand what this means for their personal situation?

Employer skills

The financial experts of EBC Nederland are specialised in benefits communications and can take a lot of work off your hands in this area: the outsourcing of communications projects, advising of individual employees and the completion of employee forms are part of our daily business activities. A good personal explanation ensures not only that employees are more aware of their benefits but it also shows that you as an employer take it seriously. In addition, your employees then know what their subsequent options are for their own choices.


We believe that perfect pension communications go further than a good conversation. Also in our written and online communications, we are always clear and to the point. Often, when people hear the word ‘pension’, they think already that they will not understand it. That is not correct. A pension is no vague term. Our consultants translate the material into a clear vision for the future and know intrinsically what is clear and what requires more explanation. Plenty of time is taken to discuss the various scenarios: what is income from work, sickness, disability, retirement and death.


The advisors of EBC Nederland know in detail what your organisation has arranged and takes precisely the proper tone with each employee, so that information is received and remembered. From manager to secretary, from trainee to security agent: afterwards, they all know the situation. And which steps they can then take themselves. This provides peace in your entire organisation.

Shared responsibility

You reward your employees with a benefits package. EBC Nederland supports you and your employees with the communication of that package, so that a benefit receives the value that it deserves. In the past and in the future, employees need to make more and more choices. EBC Nederland helps you and your employees in making conscious choices. You can only choose if you know where you stand. The Personal Annual Report® (Persoonlijk Jaarverslag®) online platform provides your employees this financial insight. The following steps are the responsibility of your employees.