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The ability to give good advice is inextricably linked to having knowledge. Knowledge of the industry in which you operate, of your organisation and of the latest developments in the field of pensions, legislation and employment issues. EBC Nederland provides advice about employee benefits in the broadest sense. From pensions to questions about absenteeism, sickness, disability and health insurance. Because advice is only valuable if all factors are considered and are connected to each other. In the day-to-day business, but also in changing conditions: with mergers and acquisitions, harmonisation of benefits or with new rules and legislation.


A recommendation is not a command. You always decide yourself. We give you insight and overview, show the various solutions to your problem, but you forge the path yourself. EBC Nederland is independent and objective and our recommendations are also. We show the possibilities and you determine yourself what you think is best for your organisation.


Good advice is clear. Transparency is therefore high on our list. Here, it’s about both the offered solutions as well as the services we offer. We are clear in advance about our efforts, the result and the costs that go along with that. So, no unexpected bills with unexpected costs at unexpected moments.


Plain language, that’s what we like. You’ll read no reports from us that are full of difficult jargon. We offer concrete solutions, focused and directly applicable to your organisation. Our financial experts are specialised in benefits communications and know how to explain what it’s all about to both you and your employees.


Following a recommendation depends greatly on trust. You trust that we will assist you when it comes to contract changes, negotiations with contractors, managing the administration of rules and communicating these in the right manner to your employees. On that you can trust. Being able to add value for a valued relation. That is our definition of good advice.