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The world is changing, your organisation changes and legislation changes. That’s why our recommendations are never set in stone. EBC Nederland always keeps a finger on the pulse. We are available when you have questions, but we also contact you if we think that something should be brought to your attention. We manage that for which you have engaged us, so that you can simply keep busy with what’s really important: entrepreneurship.


Employees who join or leave, changes in salaries, business operating changes and market fluctuations: your organisation is constantly in motion. These changes can have great administrative, legal and financial consequences. And as the person responsible for these consequences, they can sometimes cause problems. It is then nice to know that you can always contact a professional for advice about these issues. EBC Nederland checks the figures and explains what they mean. In clear language, transparent and honest.


Nothing is as annoying as being given the run around. Definitely when it comes to matters that are essential to running your organisation. That’s why EBC Nederland always has a team of experts ready to assist you. People who know the history of your business, who know what is going on in the market and who do not hesitate to keep you up-to-date on issues that may be of interest.


Good administration is then, according to EBC Nederland, also anticipation of the future. This is only possible with knowledge of current events. Is the law going to change shortly? What are the latest changes concerning pensions, insurances and taxes? This is virtually impossible for you as an entrepreneur to keep up with. That’s why we do that. We provide insight into the issues and where potential pitfalls lie. Because sometimes managing is the same as protecting.